Our Team

Paul Roberts

Paul is a communications expert specialising in strategy, framing, messaging, and crisis communications. He has extensive expertise working in the Maldives, and South and South East, Asia. For over ten years, Paul has served as communications advisor to President Mohamed Nasheed, helping him to build an exceptional international profile.

Paul played a key role in orchestrating world-renowned media events such as the Maldives’ underwater cabinet meeting, and spearheaded the country’s prominent international climate change advocacy agenda.

Paul has extensive experience in crisis communications, having worked to manage the media fallout from the infamous Maldives ‘wedding video scandal’ in 2010. He was a key spokesperson for President Nasheed during the 2012 coup d’etat in the Maldives.

Mohamed Thoriq Hamid

Thoriq has a comprehensive understanding of Maldivian media, politics and civil society. He worked in a leadership position in a prominent international NGO, based in the Maldives, for over eight years and has extensive experience in communications and project management.

He is adept at providing political analysis for donors, diplomats and international organisations, as well as engaging with political leaders, civil society, and journalists within the Maldives and abroad. He has an excellent understanding of the governance and human rights issues facing the Maldives, and significant experience of fundraising, management, monitoring and reporting.

Aishath Shazra

Shazra is a Maldivian journalist with over 10 years’ experience writing and reporting on social, cultural and environmental issues for Maldivian news publications, including the Maldives Independent.

A fluent Hindi speaker, Shazra has a particular interest and appreciation of South Asian cinema, music and culture. Shazra was the Producer of the 2009 documentary about President Nasheed’s administration, The Island President, and she has an excellent understanding of the Maldivian social media landscape.