• Crisis Communications

    Handling the World's Toughest Communications Challenges

  • Underwater Cabinet Meeting

    Demonstrating Maldives Vulnerability to Climate Change

  • Copenhagen Climate Conference

    Leading the Talks

  • Environmental Communications

    Promoting the Country's Natural Wonders

We are a strategic communications firm based in the Maldives, offering a full suite of public relations services for resorts, businesses, governments and individuals.

Meet the Team

Paul Roberts

Paul is a communications expert specialising in strategy, framing, messaging, and crisis communications. He has extensive expertise working in the Maldives, and South and South East, Asia. For over ten years, Paul has served as communications advisor to President Mohamed…

Mohamed Thoriq Hamid

Thoriq has a comprehensive understanding of Maldivian media, politics and civil society. He worked in a leadership position in a prominent international NGO, based in the Maldives, for over eight years and has extensive experience in communications and project management….